Borealperspectives is Chris’s science blog. I’m a European geophysicist who works at a public university in the sub-arctic North of North America.

I’ve not always been a geophysicist. Before crossing the Atlantic and coming to work up here — the only practical way to join my partner — I lived in two different European capitals for 15 years. I’ve worked in the French public school system, in the archives of a history of science museum, as a freelance web producer, and have had a good career in the commercial software industry. But after being transplanted into this vast, harsh and beautiful environment and getting to travel to the northern edge of the inhabited world I grew very fond of the place, and the decision seemed natural to return to science and carve out my own area of research and expertise, to become an apprentice again and do a PhD.

As I start this blog, some time during 2012, I’ve been given the green light. It’ll be an adventure. As of 2015, I am a doctoral candidate with about a year of research left to complete the degree.

My interests are broad and the blog reflects this. My writing touches on science and politics; feminism, xenophobia and the ethics of living in a democracy. Women in science and in technology. Mathematics, satellite- and air-borne earth observation. Scientific computing in various guises. Data and metadata. Academia, maybe. North America — be it the US or Canada — seen through a European’s eyes. Europe as discerned from over here. My aim is to keep it accessible to the non-specialist though not overly chatty.

The background image of the blog theme is from Landsat imagery of the Western Siberian boreal plain, courtesy Nasa Earth Observatory, USGS and U Maryland.


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